Named after India’s holy basil, tulsi HIDDEN INDIAN KITCHEN offers fine classical Indian cuisine, tuned to the tastes of the 21st century in tulsi’s contemporary.


Smaller groups are always welcome to walk in. You may have to wait, depending on what time of day you visit, but we’ll always be able to find you a table 🙂

For bookings, we may politely ask for the table back after two hours – which should be more than enough time to enjoy a meal with us. If you would like to sit longer, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and inform us in advance at the following phone number: +4313101777.

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Your team of tulsi HIDDEN INDIAN KITCHEN

Lunch menu

Presse Artikel




Crispy Vegan Ceviche 7,50
One of the most famous street food hits has underwent a new interpretation and has a new look by using the same ingredients as known. Potatoes, chick-peas, sour-spicy tigermilk and Rajastani spiced crispy cookies.

Masala Salat 5,10
chopped tomato, cucumber, and red onion with peanuts tossed in lemon juice seasoned with cilantro, chili, and a touch of homemade masala

Kabab Aur Hummus 8,50
chickpeas Hummus in Indian style with beetroot Kabab

Malai Paneer Sensation 8,50
homemade tandoori paneer cube, grilled in our tandoor. Extremely soft and a must have for all paneer lovers

Samosa 6,50
filled with spiced potatoes, peas and cashew

Samosa Chole Chaat 8,50
the Samosa street food upgrade: masala chickpeas topped with curd, tamarind, coriander Chutney and spicy-crispy potatoes noodles

Variation of vegetarian starters 18,50
Kabab aur Hummus, Malai Paneer Sensation and Samosa Chole Chaat (suggested for 2-3 people)


Chicken Tikka 7,50
dissolved chicken thigh pieces seasoned with our home-made tandoori masala

tandoori prawns 15,90
seasoned with our home-made tandoori masala

Chicken Tikka Trilogy 9,50
dissolved chicken thigh, marinated in 3 styles:
mint, cream cheese-masala and tandoori masala

tandoori Smoked Karfiol 7,50
seasoned with joghurt, ayurvedic herbs and tumeric

tandoori King Aloo 7,50
filled with paneer, plums and pomegranate



Aloo Matar Paneer ki Subji* with rice 13,90
paneer cheese, potatoes, and sweet peas in an aromatic tomato gravy

Palak Paneer* with rice 13,90
paneer cheese, tomatoes, and onions in creamy fragrant spinach

Malai Kofta with rice 14,50
vegetable balls, stuffed with paneer cheese in a soft cashew almond sauce

Dal Makhani with rice 13,20
over night slow cooked rajma beans and black lentils, gently stewed with garam masala

Vegetarian Korma with rice 14,50
Cashew-Mandel Sauce steamed vegetables in cashew and almond sauce

Bhindi ki Subji (vegan) with rice 13,50
crunchy okra, tomato & onion, sautéed in mustard oil

Dal Tarka with rice 13,20
Toor Dal with Garam Masaka Tarka

Aloo Wadiyan with rice 14,50
lip-smacking spicy gravy that is made with a combination of potatoes & sun dried urad dal nuggets

*vegan option: instead paneer cheese, with potatoes

tandoori chicken with vegetarian Biryani 17,60
lower chicken thighs, marinated in homemade tandoori masala, served with veg biryani and raita

tulsi’s Chicken Curry with rice 14,60

Murgh Makhani with rice 15,60
butter chicken; tandoor-roasted dissolved chicken thigh pieces smothered in a creamy, slightly caramelized tomato-butter-sauce

tulsi’s Beef Curry with rice 15,20

Beef Korma with rice 15,60
Cap of rump, stewed in homemade curry fond, and steamed vegetables in cashew and almond sauce

Laal Maas with rice 15,60
Lamb curry from Rajastan. Prepared over charcoal in a sauce of hot spices such as red Mathania chillies

Bishops‘ Weed Fish Curry with rice 16,90
Sea bass filet, in tomato carom seeds curry

Kerala Fish Curry with rice 16,90
butter fish filet, in well spiced coconut curry with curry leaves and mustard seeds


Subji ki Thali 19,70
with Malai Kofta, Dal Makhani and Aloo Matar ki Subji, served with Naan, vegetarian Biryani, Papadam and Raita

Gosht ki Thali 22,70
Laal Maas, Beef Korma and Murgh Makhani dazu Naan, Gemüse Biryani, Papadam und Raita/served with Naan, vegetarian Biryani, Papadam and Raita

Vegan ki Thali 19,70
with Dal Tarka, Aloo Wadiyan and Mixed Subji, served with Khamiri Roti, vegetarian Biryani, Papadam and Masala Salat



Raita 4,20
yoghurt with cucumber, tomatoes and fresh chaat masala

Chawal 3,00
fragrant basmati rice

Vegetarian Biryani 7,90
bold and flavorful rice dish with peas, carrots, cauliflower and potatoes in a spiced with safran and garam masala


Unser Gebäck wird für Sie frisch über offener Glut zubereitet

Papadam (vegan, glutenfrei) 2,10
thin, crispy loafs made from lentil flour 2 pieces with variation of chutneys

Naan Nature 2,90
flat bread made from wheat flour

Garlic Naan 3,60
flat bread made from wheat flour, brushed with garlic and cilantro

Khamiri Roti 2,90
fluffy bread made from wheat and wholewheat flour

Truffel Naan 4,00
flat bread made from wheat flour, brushed with truffel butter

Paneer Paranta 7,50
flat bread filled with paneer cheese, served with Raita


Mango / Mint Yogurt / Tamarind / Mint Coriander Chutney 1,50

Mixed Pickel 1,60



Jalebi 6,50
„The untimate street food dessert of Old Delhi.“
deep fried plain flour batter in circular shape soaked in saffron sugar syrup with pistachio ice cream

Mung Linsen Halwa 6,50
„The all-time favourite home dessert, inspired by our mother and grandmothers.”“
Halwa cake made from mung lentils, ghee butter and brown sugar, mango ice cream

mango ice cream
pistachio ice cream

each scoop 2,80

GMango LassiOTonics
GSalted LassiOWine
GChicken TikkaEMasala Salad
GHara Bhara KababMMulugtwani
GMalai Chicken TikkaGtandoori Prawns
GMalai Paneer TikkaGVariation veg. Starters
GMango Soup
GMasala Paneer
GAloo Matar Paneer ki SubjiG, HMalai Kofta
G, HBeef KormaG, HMurgh Makhani
MBhindi ki SubjiGPalak Paneer
GDal MakhaniGRogan Josh
D, G, HFish GoaG, HSubji ki Thali
G. HGosht ki ThaliGTandoori Chicken
DKerala Fish CurryG, HVegetarian Korma
GMinz Joghurt ChutneyGRaita
A, GNaan all variationsARoti
A, GParanta all variationsOTamarind Chutney
GBesan ki Barfi
A, G, HJalebi
Seasonal Menu
GMixed Sizzler
D, HSoft Shell Crab
AGrains containing gluten
GMilk or Lactose
HSchalenfrüchte und daraus gewonnene Erzeugnisse
MSenf- und Senferzeugnisse
OSchwefeldioxid und –erzeugnisse




hausgemachter Eistee mit ayurvedischer Kräuterteemischung

Maracuja 1/4l 2,90
Zitronengras 1/4l 2,90
Ingwer 1/4l 2,90
Mango Lassi 1/4l 3,60
Salziges Lassi 1/4l 3,10


Apple juice 0,25l 2,80
Apple juice with soda 0,25l 2,40
Orange juice 0,20l 2,80
Coca-Cola 0,33l 2,90
Coca-Cola Zero 0,33l 2,90
Almdudler 0,33l 2,90
Schweppes Dry Tonic 0,20l 3,00
Fentimans Rose Lemonade 0,25l 3,50
Fever-Tree Ginger Beer 0,20l 3,50
Fever-Tree Tonic Water 0,20l 3,50
Mineral water 0,33l 2,80
non-, semi- or sparkling 0,75l 5,90
Soda 0,25l 1,70
Soda lemon, rasberry or elderflower 0,25l 2,10
lemon, rasberry or edelflower water 0,50l 2,50



0,2l 3,20
0,3l 3,70
0,5l 4,40

Hausgemachter Radler
Starobrno, Almdudler, Monin Zitrus
0,2l 3,20
0,3l 3,70
0,5l 4,40


Weihenstephan Weißbier 0,3l 4,60
weich, spritzig und frisch zugleich, aus edelsten Rohstoffen
gebraut. Das Spitzenerzeugnis altbayerischer Braukunst.
Ein Hochgenuss für jeden Bierkenner.

Cobra Premium 0,3l 4,00
Hellgolden in der Farbe und klar, duftet dieses Lager mild mit einem Hauch von Malz

King Fisher Premium 0,3l 4,00
Typisch indisches mildes Bier als sommerliches Begleiter zu scharfem und gegrilltem Essen

Gösser Natur alkoholfrei 0,3l 3,80


Weißer Spritzer 1/4l 3,20
Grüner Veltliner, Soda

Kaiserspritzer mit Zitrone und Minze 1/4l 5,00
Salatin Prosecco, Soda, Holunder

Aperol Spritzer 1/4l 5,00
Salatin Prosecco, Soda, Aperol, Orange, Grapefruit


Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC Bio 2018 1/8 l 3,90
Weingut Zahel, Oberlaa FL 0,75 l 23,50

Grüner Veltliner Federspiel Kalmuck 2017 1/8 l 4,40
Weingut Gritsch, Wachau FL 0,75 l 26,50

Sauvignon Blanc 2015 1/8l 6,70
Weingut Kögl, Ratsch / Südsteiermark FL 0,75 l 40,50

Roter Veltliner 2017 1/8 l 3,80
Weingut Fritz, Wagramterrassen FL 0,75 l 23,00

Roter Traminer Schotter 2018 1/8 l 3,50
Weingut Fritz, Wagram FL 0,75 l 21,00


Grauer Burgunder 2016/17 (Pinot Gris, Grauburgunder) FL 0,75 l 31,50
Weingut Friedrich Becker
Schweigen-Pfalz / Südwestdeutschland

Blanc Sainte-Cécile Costières de Nîmes 2017 FL 0,75 l 31,00
(Roussanne, Viognier)
Château L’Ermitage, Midi / Frankreich

Chardonnay Foxglove 2014/16 FL 0,75 l 55,00
Weingut Varner, Central Coast / Kalifornien

Châteauneuf du-Pape-Blanc 2017 FL 0,75 l 67,50
Domaine Chante Cigale, Rhône / Frankreich

Goru blanco 2016/2017 (Moscatel, Chardonnay) FL 0,75 l 25,00
Weingut Ego Bodegas, Jumilla / Spanien


The Cicada 2018/19 (Grenache, Carignan) 1/8 l 3,40
Domaine Chante Cigale,
Côtes du Rhône / Frankreich FL 0,75 l 20,50

Zweigelt 2018 1/8 l 3,70
Weingut Michael Auer, Carnuntum FL 0,75 l 22,50

Carbernet Sauvignon Steinthal Bio 2015/18 1/8 l 5,40
Weingut Zillinger, Weinviertel FL 0,75 l 32,50

Rosé Corail Bio 2018 1/8 l 5,30
(Grenache Noir, Syrah, …) FL 0,75 l 31,50
Château De Roquefort
Côtes de Provence / Frankreich


Enemigo mío Garnacha DOP Jumilla 2017 Fl 0,75 l 31,00
Weingut Casa Rojo, Jumilla / Spanien

Bourgogne Rouge (Pn) 2015 Fl 0,75 l 47,00
Domaine Forey Père & Fils, Burgund / Frankreich

Shiraz The Verve 2016 Fl 0,75 l 38,00
Weingut Salomon Estate
Fleurieu-Halbinsel / Australien

Cabernet Sauvignon Foxglove 2015/16 Fl 0,75 l 58,00
Weingut Varner, Central Coast / Kalifornien

GIN 2cl

Original Bombay 3,20
unser Haus Gin ist einer der großen old-school Londons Gins und würziger als sein Nachfolger Bombay Sapphire
Tanqueray Rangpur 4,20
die Zitrus-Bombe schlechthin – mit dem Extrakt der indischen Rangpur-Limette
Blue Gin 3,90
Wacholder & Kräuter in Reinkultur. Vom oberösterreichischen Meisterbrenner Reisetbauer
Boodles 3,30
Klassik pur. Der Englische Sir unter den Gins. Juniper – What else ?
Plymouth 3,10
Aus der westenglischen Hafenstadt. Süßer und fruchtiger als die meisten
Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin 4,50
exotische Intensität im Geschmack + feiner englischer Geist + sorgfältige Qualitätsherstellung = exotisch-würziger Gin
G‘VINE Gin de France Floraison 4,50
der wahre Geschmack des modernen Frankreichs. Er vereint das reiche Erbe der Charente-Region mit dem Avant-Garde-Lebensstil von Paris – wo Freigeist und Individualität schon seit jeher gefeiert werden – und mit der mühelosen Eleganz des Südwestens.


Wählen Sie aus unseren 6 Gin Sorten und 2 Tonic Sorten Ihre Wunschkombination

Schweppes Dry Tonic Fever-Tree Tonic Water
Original Bombay 8,10 8,50
Tanqueray Rangpur 9,30 9,70
Blue Gin 8,70 9,10
Boodles 8,30 8,70
Plymouth 7,90 8,30
Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin 9.60 9,90
G‘VINE Gin de France Floraison 9,60 9,90


Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 4,10
leicht und exotisch präsentiert sich dieser Blend aus Scotch Single Malts

Glenmorangie Lasanta Sherry Cask 12yrs – Highlands 4,40
mit Sherry-Fass-Finish. Der beerenfruchtig-milde Highlander

Springbank 10yrs – Campeltown / Highlands 4,30
leicht torfig, intensiv und ölig aus der Kult-Brennerei

Isle of Jura 10yrs – Islands 3,90
malzig-süß und würzig mit einer Prise Meersalz

Bunnahabhain 12yrs – Islay 4,30
nussig und kraftvoll mit Vanille und Karamell im langen Abgang

Johnnie Walker Black Label 12yrs – Blended Scotch Whisky 4,10
Die Form der Flasche macht ihn zum ikonischsten Whisky der Welt. Vom Geschmack, die seidigste Versuchung seit es Whiskys gibt. Sublime stuff!

Chivas Regal 12yrs – Blended Scotch Whisky 4,10
eine Mischung für Erwachsene. Leicht süßlich, drall und rund.


TEE from Haas & Haas

each jug

Tulsi Orange Ginger 4,10
Tulsi herb, apple bits, orange peels, green rooibos, ginger bits, natural flavouring, pink pepper, cardamom, cinnamon

Tulsi Lemon Balm 4,10
Tulsi herb, apple bits, orange peels, green rooibos, ginger bits, natural flavouring, pink pepper, cardamom, cinnamon

Moringa Pur 4,10
Moringa leaves from organic cultivation

Moringa Lemon-Verbene 4,10
Lemongrass, candied mango bits, moringa leaves, vervain, camomile blossoms, orange peels, natural flavouring, fig slices, sunflower blossoms

Masala Chai 4,10
traditional Indian spiced tea with milk

Darjeeling Tigerhill 4,10
A masterpiece of traditional blending. Teas from three plucking periods impart to this tea a characteristic gentle flavour.

Assam Golden Melange 4,10
One of our most popular breakfast teas with many golden tips. Highly aromatic and spicy taste. Ideal for drinking with milk and sugar.


Espresso 2,30
Melange 3,50
Caffè Latte 3,90
Masala Chai 4,10
traditional Indian spiced tea with milk

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